Sunday, July 27, 2008

kids' quotes

a few notable comments from the kids...
(1) jack and pete were planning their new york trip and jack asked if i had ever been to new york. when i said yes, lucy wanted to know if she had gone too. i said no and then continued talking to pete. off to the side i hear lucy ask jack, " so, was i with God?" and jack replied, "yeah, you and me and finn were all with God back then."
(2) we were all sitting on the couch watching the yankees game and manny ramirez walks up to the plate. jack goes, "manny ramirez? that's the guys everybody haaa.... (thinks better of his word choice)... doesn't like." (pete particularly enjoyed this comment). - and as a follow up (pete is now typing), emily said, "well, i bet everyone doesn't dislike him....i bet red sox fans like him." she was wrong.
(3) earlier pete and jack had been sitting on the couch (i swear they don't sit on the couch all day...) and jack asked pete to tackle him later when he "least expected it". a little later pete had totally forgotten about it and jack says, "remember that thing you are supposed to do?" pete, "what thing?" jack, "you know that thing that you were supposed to do that i don't know about. i don't even know what it is. really i don't."

Friday, July 25, 2008

baabee's house

for anyone who doesn't know, my kids call my dad baabee (he came up with the spelling, you say it the same as bobby). he wanted his grandpa name to be paka (from whale rider) but jack said baba instead. then when mama and dada became mommy and daddy, baba became baabee. the name has since stuck (even all the neighborhood kids call him that). i am getting sidetracked. anyway, jack and lucy and even finn love to go to his house (finn runs up to his door yelling, "baba, baba!") anytime they go over there they end up with some art project or photoshopped picture to show me. the other day they all went over there while i went to the dentist and when i got home they had this to share with me...

and a couple of months ago i got this one complete with a story about flying from place to place until they got too tired and had to go home for naps...

one more for now...

there is always fun to be had at baabee's house.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


our kids have always loved playing on our bed in and under the covers. last spring (april, maybe?...that's when the pictures are from anyway...) they were playing around and somehow gave the game of playing under the covers a name (i think lucy originated it): dieshabang. i have no idea where this name came from, but it has stuck. when jack and lucy ask finn if he wants to go play dieshabang, he nods his head (along with the rest of his body), gets a huge smile on his face and books it (as fast as his fat little legs can carry him) to our bedroom. so, until someone falls off the bed and breaks a bone during an intense game of dieshabang, it will probably continue to be a household favorite...

jack's first "lost" tooth

so, about two weeks ago we were sitting at dinner eating corn on the cob and jack started complaining that it was bothering his loose tooth (which had maybe been loose for a week or two), so i offered to cut it off the cob for him. as he passed it over i noticed in his mouth that his tooth appeared to be gone. i asked him, to which he replied, "uh, no... UH, YES!!!" however, where was the tooth? it was not on his plate or stuck in the corn. i asked him if when he was eating he felt something crunchy or hard. yes, he did. did he stop to think that maybe that wasn't quite right? no, he just kept eating. so, jack swallowed his first tooth.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Luke Burch

i love this kid. i can't help it, he just cracks me up.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

navy seals

brian gave me a book called "lone survivor" for my birthday. it tells the story of a navy seal's training and a mission in afghanistan which ended up being the worst loss of lives in the history of the special forces. i highly suggest the book which is extremely addicting and very intense. a couple nights ago i was reading during a big monsoon storm when the electricity went out on our whole block. it didn't come immediately back on so i found a flashlight and continued to read. jack and goose both woke up because it was too hot to sleep. lucy went in with emily and jack laid on the couch with me, my flashlight, and marcus latrell (navy seal). he couldn't fall back asleep, and considering i was reading about marcus' training, i decided to read it aloud to jack. we read for about half an hour and jack was very interested in marcus, his twin brother morgan, and all the crazy training they went through to become navy seals. since then, jack sees me reading and asks, "what is going on? can you read more to me?". i would have read him more, but i figured it was a little too intense (and r-rated) to read to a five year old. however, yesterday i put on a shirt that happens to be a navy seals shirt (i didn't even notice). jack walks up to me and says, "hey, you are wearing a navy seals shirt." "how did you know that?" i asked him. he couldn't believe i asked such a dumb question, but he tells me, "it has the navy seals sign on the one on the book."

kids notice everything.....everything......

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lucy's 3rd Birthday

while we were in california we also celebrated lucy's birthday. it being the 5th of july, this tends to be the case every year. this year, however, g.g. went all out and, in honor of both lucy and therese (june 19th), took all the girlies out to the american girl place. it goes without saying that all the little girls had fun. just walking around the store is like touring a doll museum and the christmas wish-lists were rapidly growing. g.g. had made luncheon reservations at the american girl restaurant where your dolls join you in little high chairs and are served their own miniature cups and saucers. the dessert (which is the highlight of every event if your name is lucy burch) was a heart-shaped cake with pink frosting, a star cookie with pink frosting, and little mini flower pots filled with chocolate mouse and topped with oreo crumbs and, of course, a little flower sticking out. it was quite a memorable 3rd birthday, that is for sure. that night before bed, lucy asked her dad, "will i still be three when we get home?" when this was confirmed, she responded, "coooooo-el!"

The 4th of July

well, we had a great time this 4th of July in california.  the entire burch family was able to make it out this year (no one was busy having babies or opening restaurants) and, needless to say, it was nonstop fun and excitement... for the kids.  a little exhausting for the parents, but a great time nonetheless.  jack and lucy went nonstop with little time for naps or mom and dad.  between the ocean and the endless cousins to play with, there was simply too much fun to be had.  jack was in the ocean practically the whole day boogie-boarding and lucy ran around in the waves and played with cousins.  finn is still terrified of the sand, but loved the water, so we took turns standing out in the waves with him.

 just before dinner the kids performed a little flag ceremony in which they paraded around to patriotic music, raised the flag, said the pledge and then sang God Bless America. all the parents had previously asked their kids questions about the 4th and America to which the responses were then read aloud. to share a few:
i love America because...
peter: "it's awesome."
raph: "it's a freedom country."
martin: "freedom. and the thing i hate about america? - high gas prices."
bridget: "we have awesome soldiers... oh, and freedom."
therese: "it's a safe place."
charlotte: "i love being with my parents."
jack: "i love the declaration of independence." (thanks erin for the book john, paul, george and ben!)
mary hope: "it's the country of our house."
luke: "i get toys."
lucy: "i love my 'merican flag."

needless to say, we had a blast and we are so thankful for the fabulous family we have and the times we actually get to all be together.

next year, G.G. does NOT get to take our family picture

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

thank you to steve white

i will add one more post for today and then leave it back to pete...
so steve, being a very thoughtful house guest, arrived last month with a present for each of my kids... a sure way to win them over.  they have loved their d.c. shirts.  ok, so finn doesn't actually know the difference, he just drools all over whatever we give him, thus really only wearing any shirt for about an hour or two, but jack and lucy really think theirs are great.  lucy seems to get comments on hers wherever we go... however, that might be because her outfit is usually something like a pink skirt, green polka-dot boots, pigtails and a shirt claiming she works for the FBI...  anyway, just wanted to say thanks to steve and add some updated pictures of the kids.  

a story from the mom

so, i know pete usually writes for our blog, but i thought i would share a story about lucy that i thought was amusing.  first of all, lucy always offers to give me her old dresses so that i can wear them when i am little again, more or less ignoring me when i try to explain i will not be little again. so the other night we were lying in bed and she said, "mom, i can't wait for you to be little again, so we can be little best friends."  i asked if we could be best friends right now, just one little and one big.  she replied, "no, i just want you to be my little best friend so we can play and hold hands."  talk about making your mom feel bad.  anyway, i still thought it was sweet.  that's all for now...