Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy father's day

i was woken this morning with eggs, sausage, coffee, chocolate croissants, orange juice, strawberries with cream, and bed.  it was great.  they followed it up with a bottle of scotch - 15 year.  that was even greater.  and then they gave me a little flip book with random questions about me answered by jack and goose.  that was the greatest.  there were some pretty damn funny answers that i figured i would share.

how old is your dad? 
"3 years old" - goose
my daddy always says...
"hello miss goose-pac.  and he always calls jack 'johnson'" - goose
"let's go read the hobbit" - jack (on a side note, jack did a similar exercise for mother's day while at school, and for 'my mommy always says..." he answered "go to bed"....i am so much better)
my daddy's favorite drink is...
"orange juice" - goose
"beer" - jack
my daddy is as strong as...
" has strong hands." - goose
"...a table." - jack
the most handsome thing about my daddy is...
"when he wears a tie.  that looks handsome.  doesn't it?" - goose
my daddy's favorite baseball player is....
"a-rod.  but i like derek jeter." - goose (without any prompting)
my daddy's favorite basketball player is...
"steve mash" - goose
my daddy's favorite golfer is...
"phil mickleson" - jack
"tiger lily" - goose (again, without any prompting)

i can not wait to drink my scotch.  it better be good.  

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Katie said...

Finn looks awesome in that picture! I was going to specify the second one, but then I realized I like how everyone else is posed for the first one, and Finn is lying flat on the bed.