Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy father's day

i was woken this morning with eggs, sausage, coffee, chocolate croissants, orange juice, strawberries with cream, and bed.  it was great.  they followed it up with a bottle of scotch - 15 year.  that was even greater.  and then they gave me a little flip book with random questions about me answered by jack and goose.  that was the greatest.  there were some pretty damn funny answers that i figured i would share.

how old is your dad? 
"3 years old" - goose
my daddy always says...
"hello miss goose-pac.  and he always calls jack 'johnson'" - goose
"let's go read the hobbit" - jack (on a side note, jack did a similar exercise for mother's day while at school, and for 'my mommy always says..." he answered "go to bed"....i am so much better)
my daddy's favorite drink is...
"orange juice" - goose
"beer" - jack
my daddy is as strong as...
" has strong hands." - goose
"...a table." - jack
the most handsome thing about my daddy is...
"when he wears a tie.  that looks handsome.  doesn't it?" - goose
my daddy's favorite baseball player is....
"a-rod.  but i like derek jeter." - goose (without any prompting)
my daddy's favorite basketball player is...
"steve mash" - goose
my daddy's favorite golfer is...
"phil mickleson" - jack
"tiger lily" - goose (again, without any prompting)

i can not wait to drink my scotch.  it better be good.  

Friday, June 13, 2008

austen heroine

i stole this link from a friend's blog because i thought our reader (my wife) might enjoy taking the quiz. i just wish they had one for dudes, because i am sure i would get mr. darcy (and i haven't even read the book, but i think he is the super handsome character that is kind of a jerk but only because people are jealous of him.....clearly me).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


for the 2-3 people that bi-annually visit out blog, i will post random polls on the side bar below the profile......please respond. it is crucial to my research.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kids concept of money....

i love the innocence of kids and their lack of understanding with money. however, i also fear the day when they begin to understand money and want more so that they can go buy packs of 1987 donruss baseball cards in hopes of getting yet another mcgwire rookie card....don't they know he was only good because of roids and those cards won't be worth anything - no, they don't, so they keep collecting them and putting them in a book solely dedicated to the "bash brothers" (mcgwire and canseco).....pages and pages and pages of only mcgwire and canseco cards, because someday those cards have to worth millions. canseco was in the 40/40 club, he has to go to the hall of fame. they should have just used their money to buy a slurpee.

anyway, back to innocence and money. at church on sunday, jack and goose both wanted to bring their wallets. jack's wallet is decorated with star wars characters, and it might even have a picture of darth maul on the front, so it was a little awkward seeing him walk into church in his nice collared shirt holding a shiny plastic picture of a devilish character. goose's wallet is at least know, imagine that. goose's wallet has a few gift cards with zero balances that she periodically took out and swiped across the crack in the pew in front of us (which gave me a weird thought of the not too distant future when the ushers will walk around and instead of holding out baskets for you to drop in your weekly donation, they will hold out portable credit card machines for you to swipe your debit card).

as the ushers came around, jack opened his wallet to get his donation out. i was impressed to see that he had a $1 bill and a $5 bill. not sure where he got these, but i was glad to see that he is prospering. he glanced at the bills, and then unzipped the coin pouch and took out a penny.....a freaking penny. i tried to hold back from laughing, but i leaned over and whispered, "that's all you are giving?" being the good boy that he is, he put the penny back in his wallet and pulled out the five, quite a difference. i know our pastor was wishing he could just get up and whisper into the pulpit, "that's all you are giving?" and we all would immediately increase our donation by 500%.

so after mass, i took the kids to a toy store and told them they could buy something with whatever money they had.....

jack got a piece of gum.