Thursday, April 17, 2008


just like nicknames, i enjoy fictional words so long as they sound like they have a good definition.  i have long used the word "resty" to described a state in which i claim to not be tired enough to sleep, but i just want to lay down.  i admit it is clearly an excuse to lay down and not get grief for trying to take a nap, but if i deny the nap and say, "i am just resty" it always sounds better.  emily recently coined the term "jammified" which i give her a great deal of credit for learning well from her handsome husband.  while asking the kids to get ready for bed, she said, "lucy, we need to get you jammified".  nice work spoose.

and a quick note on nicknames.....emily also recently gave finn the nickname "maniac mcgee".  it is especially funny when lucy tries to use it....

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