Monday, April 7, 2008


i love nicknames....i am known by some of my nieces and nephews as uncle dude, i call my son johnson and my daughter goose.  i call my wife spoose.  i call pudge pudge.  and most of those nicknames i can't recall where they came from, i just continue using them.  awhile ago my brother and i were making up "rapper names" for our kids.  so with each new kid i have tried to think of a new and creative rapper name.  i highly suggest thinking of good rapper names for your own kids.  you probably won't ever use them, but they might make you laugh every now and then.  if you have any good ones, please let me know.  in any event, here are ours:

me: p-daddy
jack: l'il j. scrump
lucy: goose-pac shakur
finn: effin burch (or maybe f'in burch....i haven't really decided how offensive i want his to be)

on a side note, kristi yamaguchi is definitely going to win dancing with the stars.  why do people love olympians?  i think that carrot top snowboarder dude is super annoying.....i bet he will end up on dancing with the stars in a couple years and he will probably get julianne hough and i will dislike him even more.  

sorry, i was sidetracked by emily's dumb show.  back to the kids.  finn is on his second black eye, he has two chipped teeth, and if you let him, i think he might compete in dancing with the....damn....i mean i think he might compete in toddler ultimate fighting ("TUF").  and he would win because the other kids couldn't land any punches on his drool soaked shiny cheeks and chest.  

i wish he would sleep....lucy too.   

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