Wednesday, March 12, 2008

first posting

before i set some ground rules to this blog, i need to vent (because isn't that the point of blogs). this is my first ever posting, and i feel kind of gay, dorky,witty, and cocky (not because of the blog, i just always feel cocky).  in any event, here are the rules:

1. i started this in an effort to share more information with my family and friends (which if you are either, you should be honored.....if you are unsure if you are in the latter category, you probably aren't).  the information i intend to share is not normal every day events - you will not see any stories of my weekend weeding, and if you do, please point and laugh at me next time you see me.  the information will be mostly kid stories that turn into random thoughts that come into my head, usually after a couple glasses of scotch.....for example, i think diaper genies are overrated.  either just take them out to the garbage or deal with the occasional stink and take a few out to the garbage at one time, but don't buy some crap "genie" that pretends to hide the smell but really just traps it momentarily and then releases it tenfold.

2. i love parentheses, dashes, and three periods and i will use them with it

3. to expand on #1, the information is mostly for my kids since i don't keep a journal.  and because i actually think this is fun, if i ever die (which is unlikely), my kids will at least have this blog to always remember how unbelievably funny i am

4. i don't delete stuff.....if i write it, it stays....hence the reason i expanded on #1 in #3 instead of just going back and deleting #2 and writing it there

5. i am really funny....if you don't think so, i don't care, because i make myself laugh

6. capital letters are for suckers...except when showing respect, which in my book is only for country and God


jack, lucy and finn said...
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Mary said...

CAPITAL LETTERS ARE FOR SUCKERS!!()----()())())(()................------()()()(gthyuioiu7ytrswtyku-yfdfghj78054xc ghjhgfΩvbv cvbghfdghj